5 Simple Steps to Delicious Hamantashen

February 22nd, 2013

1. Cream 3/4 cup butter (margerine) with 1 cup sugar until fluffy 2. Add an egg, 1/4 cup orange juice and 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 3. Add 3 cups of flour and 1 teaspoon of baking soda 4. Chill dough for at least an hour 5. Roll dough on floured board, use a glass […]

5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized in this Economy

February 4th, 2013

1. To do list: Having a “to do” list will help you plan your days efficiently.  Order your stops to save time and gas and to cut down on forgetting and backtracking. 2. Shopping: Know what you have, know what you need and what you can spend.  Utilize store credits first for essentials or gifts.  […]

5 Simple Steps to Raising a Puppy

February 4th, 2013

1.      Timing.  Like everything in life, timing is essential.  Is this the right time for you and your family to raise a puppy?  In the beginning puppies need a lot of attention. Plan on having someone home a lot the first couple of months until the puppy is able to be on their own for […]

5 Simple Steps to Balance in the Sandwich Generation

January 31st, 2013

  1.       Children Caring for children is more than a full-time job, but to keep the experience positive, with as little chaos as possible, definitely involves teamwork and organization.  Our goal should be to raise independent, well-adjusted individuals.  Setting goals, scheduling time and working together help to alleviate the stress of doing it all alone […]

Stay in Shape and Keep a Clean Home

January 22nd, 2013

For as long as I’ve been cleaning my home, I’ve been analyzing the process with my business partner, Amanda.  We both agree that it is tedious and not on it’s own enjoyable.  We also agree that it can be very good exercise to clean your house.  Recently there was an article in the NY Times, […]

It’s All About Balance

January 10th, 2013

“It’s all about balance” is what a psycho-therapist recently said to me after yoga class when discussing organizing your stuff and life. I have to add to that balance the joys of having a dog.  I love my dog Stella. She has become the most positive element in our family and home life.  Besides being absolutely […]

Getting Organized With Your Children

November 25th, 2012

My 8 year old daughter is not naturally organized or neat or even clean, on her own.  But she loves to be all these things, she just doesn’t like doing the work to get there, like her older brothers, and most people.  Today, the last of the days of the 4 day weekend, we took […]

Reduce Stress by Shopping Less

November 23rd, 2012

Clutter in your home causes stress. Buying lots of stuff clutters your home.  My advice to everyone out there who wants to reduce stress and save money and have less clutter in your home is: stop shopping! If you don’t want to clutter your house with more stuff, please avoid buying so much stuff this shopping/holiday season. […]

Dive into Organizing: 5 Simple Steps to Getting Started

September 27th, 2012

Wish you were more organized but not sure how to get started? Join the club: getting organized tops resolution lists each and every New Year’s Eve. But why wait for Auld Lang Syne to arrive before making a commitment to add order, calm and control to your life? Seize the moment and dive into a […]

Relocating an Elderly Parent: 5 Simple Steps to Low-Stress Moving

September 24th, 2012

Moving an elderly relative from a beloved family home to a new residence requires more than a moving truck. Saying good-bye to a much-loved home and packing a lifetime of family treasures requires diplomacy, tact and careful planning. Our years of experience in sorting, packing and moving literally thousands of boxes has taught us five […]