5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized in this Economy

February 4th, 2013

1. To do list:

Having a “to do” list will help you plan your days efficiently.  Order your stops to save time and gas and to cut down on forgetting and backtracking.

2. Shopping:

Know what you have, know what you need and what you can spend.  Utilize store credits first for essentials or gifts.  Keep a plastic envelope or Ziploc bag in your car/pocketbook with credits, coupons, receipts, camp clothing list, school supply list, shopping lists.  Know what to buy where, for example, stock up on less expensive bulk items and try not to pick up last minute items at over-priced stores.

3. Clothing:

Organize your closet like a boutique and go shopping there.  Clear out the clutter: recycle wire hangers, donate* or trash shoes, clothing and seasonal accessories that you will never wear.  Categorize your closet for formal wear, seasonal clothing and everyday items.

4. Food/Perishables:

Prepare items from your pantry and fridge to reduce the amount of spoiled and wasted food.  Try to eat at home more than in restaurants.  Make your own coffee instead of buying it out.  Keep a running shopping list to eliminate going back to the store for a forgotten item.

5. Cleaning Supplies:

Get the most out of your cleaning supplies, while stretching the family budget.  Buy supplies in bulk, reduce the amount of laundry detergent you use, add water to all-purpose cleaners and contemplate making homemade products with vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.


*Dress for Success, Big Brothers of Long Island, Charitable Pick-ups

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