It’s All About Balance

January 10th, 2013

“It’s all about balance” is what a psycho-therapist recently said to me after yoga class when discussing organizing your stuff and life. I have to add to that balance the joys of having a dog.  I love my dog Stella. She has become the most positive element in our family and home life.  Besides being absolutely beautiful to look at, all she gives us is love.  I sometimes have to push myself  when it’s time to take her for a walk, but it always ends up being one of the best parts of my day.  I always feel better after a nice long walk with Stella, and so does she. She’s happier, more relaxed, more balanced.  As in yoga, you have to balance the effort with the ease.  Work hard but play hard.  Challenge your mind and body but also relax it.

And bringing it back home to organizing:  strive to have your home be refelective of your life.  If you like to have your papers out, then keep them out.  If clutter makes you uptight, then clean it up.  Balance it out.  I can’t relax in my home unless the beds are made, dishes and laundry put away and everything looks neat.  That’s how I feel calm.  Some people may feel more comfortable with a little more “stuff” out, and that’s fine too. Keep your home the way you like it. Feel calm in your home. Balance out the effort with the ease.

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