5 Simple Steps to Balance in the Sandwich Generation

January 31st, 2013


1.       Children

Caring for children is more than a full-time job, but to keep the experience positive, with as little chaos as possible, definitely involves teamwork and organization.  Our goal should be to raise independent, well-adjusted individuals.  Setting goals, scheduling time and working together help to alleviate the stress of doing it all alone and create a positive parent/child partnership.  Having kids helping with everyday chores saves time and teaches valuable skills.

2.       Parents

Aging parents’ physical and mental capabilities change and we find that many of our roles seem to change.  Helping our parents with household chores, medical responsibilities and providing support takes time and patience.  Working together with family and friends to create a network is important.  Be realistic about what the future may hold and prepare ahead.

3.       Home

When our home is neat and organized we feel and work better.  Knowing where things are and what needs to be done keeps things under control.  It is easy to become overwhelmed when you’re being pulled in different directions and you do not have a “home base” that you can count on to refuel and refresh.  Whether you do a weekly clean-up or prepare at night for the next day’s agenda, it is important to have a routine that works for you and your family.  Don’t do it alone, let everyone pitch in to make your home run as smoothly as possible.

4.       Work

Whether you have a full-time job or volunteer around town, giving it your all will deliver the best results.  It is easier to focus without distractions and when the other areas of your life are running smoothly.  Setting a realistic timeline and goals can help keep you motivated. Planning ahead and using your time efficiently will make a big difference.  Try to work smarter not harder and stay organized.

5.       Health

When being pulled in different directions, it is important to maintain your own mental and physical health.  Whether it’s meeting a friend for coffee and moral support or being sure to make the work-out class at the gym, it is important to feed your body and soul.  Plan your food shopping to keep your family eating well and staying healthy.  Find the exercise that works for you, and fill any free time with what you enjoy most.

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