Reduce Stress by Shopping Less

November 23rd, 2012

Clutter in your home causes stress. Buying lots of stuff clutters your home.  My advice to everyone out there who wants to reduce stress and save money and have less clutter in your home is: stop shopping!

If you don’t want to clutter your house with more stuff, please avoid buying so much stuff this shopping/holiday season.
But if you must, please keep these things in mind:
If you are buying a replacement item, please throw away the older/broken item. If you don’t, you are cluttering your home with too much stuff. A simple rule of shopping is when you buy one thing, get rid of one thing.
Advertisements make it very tempting to buy things. They may even make you feel like you would be saving money by purchasing their product. Guess what? If you don’t buy things you will definitely be saving money. So please, don’t buy anything, no matter how good of a deal, unless you really need it. I promise you, if you don’t buy so much stuff, you will save money and have less clutter in your home, both which will reduce your stress.

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