Dive into Organizing: 5 Simple Steps to Getting Started

September 27th, 2012

Wish you were more organized but not sure how to get started? Join the club: getting organized tops resolution lists each and every New Year’s Eve. But why wait for Auld Lang Syne to arrive before making a commitment to add order, calm and control to your life?

Seize the moment and dive into a more organized life with our five simple steps to getting started.

  1. Realize One is Better than None
    Too often people look around the house and feel overwhelmed. Stave off organizational paralysis by picking just one problem area to tackle first. Identify an area which causes you stress and make sure it’s a specific, manageable project that won’t overwhelm. Succeeding in one space provides a sense of accomplishment that will carry over to additional projects.
  2. Assess What’s Needed
    Next, take time to realistically assess what needs to get done. Do you need tools or materials? Will you have to enlist the help of family? How many hours should the project take? Be realistic and factor in time for planning, buying needed materials, labor and for seeing the project through to completion (i.e. donating, recycling or selling unwanted items).
  3. Stock Up for Success
    Ensure you have all needed materials prior to getting underway. Running out of hangers halfway through a closet reorg is frustrating! Helpful tools include bins, baskets, shelving and hooks. Don’t feel obligated to buy all new materials, often you can repurpose household items you already own.
  4. Create a Clean Slate

    Completely clear out the problem area, giving it a good scrubbing or dusting. Once you have a clean, blank slate, it’s time to get sorting. Throw away anything that is dirty or broken, keep a running donation bag of unwanted items, and restore items that don’t belong to their rightful home.

  5. Assign a Home
    Next, it’s time to bring order to what remains. Organization 101 can be defined as “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” When you assign your belongings a dedicated home, you are well on your way to organizational nirvana. For ease in sorting, group like items together, use clear bins for easy access, and make use of labels.

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